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Plasma Frequency: Year One Anthology

Plasma Frequency is a magazine of speculative fiction that is published bi-monthly. Our fiction celebrates the best in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

In our first year we published six amazing issues and has some amazing stories. In this anthology you will find two stories from each of our issues. One was chosen by our readers and one was chosen by our editorial staff.

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Stories in the Anthology:

(RC) = Readers' Choice (EC) = Editors' Choice

Issue 1:
Frequencies by Michael Hodges (RC)
Fallout 1979 by Michael Andre-Driussi (EC)

Issue 2:
Midnight Calls By Liz Colter (RC)
Mythocraft By Lindsey Duncan (EC)

Issue 3:
Hell and Back By Kate O'Connor (RC)
Recording Angel By Tim McDaniel (EC)

Issue 4:
Nothing Altered By Beth Powers (RC)
The Whitman Inn By Matthew Wuertz (EC)

Issue 5:
The Alien Experience By Jessica Meddows (RC)
The Bellwether By Kellelynne H. Riley (EC)

Issue 6:
Slaying Dragons By Brent Knowles (RC)
Cognitive Terminal Velocity By Adam C. Richardson (EC)