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From the Editor

Happy holidays from all of us at Plasma Frequency. I can’t really believe another year is ending and with that the start of something new. My mom once told me that life is a lot like toilet paper, the closer you get to the end of the roll the faster it seems to go. While I am hopefully nowhere near “the end”, I do notice that time has seemed to pick up pace. And here we are ending another year and I still had a lot I wanted to get done in 2014.

One thing that I do enjoy about entering a new year is that there are new things on the horizon. New experiences, new life lessons, and new paths to travel down. I have already set the wheels in motion for Plasma Frequency to travel down a new path. And one of those things that I have set in motion is a Kickstarter campaign with the goal to increase what we pay our authors and artists. My goal was to take us down the road to a professional pay rate. Hopefully the Kickstarter will see funding, the deadline in November 15th. So please consider supporting us there.

We also have two new things planned for 2015. The first will come with Issue 16, which will be a themed issue. Not only will we have a theme to that issue, but I will also be turning over editor-in-chief duties to Molly and Alexis, two of my reading editors. The details of what they are looking for, as well as the special call will open up in Mid-November. The theme they have chosen is: Anti-Apocalypse. I can’t wait to read that issue.

The second is something I believe no other publication does. We will be launching an online writers group and a writer’s development program. I suspect the writer’s group will launch in December or January. And I believe we should have the development program ready by March.

What is the development program? Our editorial staff will be looking for promising writers whose work is nearly ready for publication. We will then work with these writers to get their stories ready for publication. The plan is to give authors more feedback than even a personal rejection letter can establish and to teach them about what editors are looking for in a story. This is a ground breaking program and we will start with one ‘class’ per quarter.  All the details of this program will be laid out when our writer’s group goes live. But, I am very excited about this. In fact, I think I will work more on it when I am done writing this.

There is something new at the back of this issue. This is our donors’ page. These are folks who have donated money to our Patreon or directly through PayPal. Some authors are even choosing to donate their earnings from their story’s sale to us. As a way to say thank you to them, I have created a thank you page. Each donor level represents a certain dollar amount.  Thank you to all our donors. Once the Kickstarter campaign is funded, this page is sure to fill up.

One last thing to note: Issue 13 was our first issue that was 100% free to read online. Since that time I have put all of our back issues up on our website. You can read any issue of Plasma Frequency on our website for FREE. If you still like print or eReader formats, those will still be for sale. It was great to go back and read over these past issues as I put them up online.

A lot is going on with Plasma Frequency in the coming years. Our goal remains the same. High quality stories for our readers, while supporting the growth of writers. Speaking of writers, let me step aside and let the work of our authors shine.


Richard Flores IV