About Us

Plasma Frequency started in May 2012, with our first issue hitting the scene August 5th of that year.  Since that time we have published a large collection of short stories, art work, and readers.  We pride ourselves on putting out high quality fiction for our subscribers and casual readers.  We are proud to be a magazine you can still get in print, but also is available for most eReader formats.  We feel our fiction is a wide range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Plasma Frequency is registered with the Library of Congress. ISSN 2168-1309 (Print) and ISSN 2168-1317 (Electronic)

Our Staff

Richard Flores IV

Twitter: @Richard_Flores4
Facebook: Richard Flores IV
Website: The Flores Factor

Amy Flores
Assistant Editor, Readings Manager

Twitter: @notbowlingAMF

Molly Moss
Assistant Editor, Second Reads

Facebook: Molly Moss

Alexis Hunter
Assistant Editor, First Reads

Twitter: @alexisahunter
Facebook: Alexis A. Hunter
Website: Inyë ólëa ata

Paul Hamilton
Assistant Editor, First Reads

Twitter: @ironsoap
Facebook: Paul Hamilton Writer
Website: IronSoap

Tiffany Carrera
Assistant Editor, Proofreading