Issue 13, September/October 2014

Cover Art: "The Kelpie's Revenge" by Tais Teng

From the Editor

“So How Can it be a Faux Pas If Everybody Does It?”
by Milo James Fowler

“The Woman Who Was More Than a Wrench”
by D.A. D’Amico

“The Great Exodus: Into the Wasteland”
by Steve Coate

“They Never Remember”
by CJ Jessop

“The Glamour Man”
by Michael A. Pignatella

“Bitter Remedy”
By Krystal Claxton

“Maker, Oppressor, Memory”
by Blaize M. Kaye

“The Aluminum Curtain”
by Tory Hoke

“Scent of Night”
By Gutavo Bondoni

“Day of Reckoning”
by Brian K. Lowe

by DJ Daniels

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