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"The Home of Resonant Stories!"

Welcome to Plasma Frequency, Magazine of Speculative Fiction. We are an award winning magazine of science fiction and fantasy that is published bi-monthly. Each issue features artwork and short stories inspired by magical worlds, new lands, and unique ideas. Our magazine is available in print and for most eReader models.


You can check out our current issue and all of our past issues. Check out our anthologies, and get a sampling of our issues. The best way to get tuned in to our frequency is to subscribe today and never miss an issue!

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Do you have something you'd like us to consider? Submit your work for consideration. We'd be happy to give it a look. Learn how our editorial process works and find out the path a story takes before it is published by us. And don't forget to watch for Special Calls for work outside our normal submission guidelines.

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Do you need to get a hold of a member of our staff? Go to the about us section to find out how to connect with our staff.

Are you interested in working for Plasma Frequency? Posting are listed in the Openings section.

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